Great Britain trims roster, Richards still standing


San Antonio Spurs draftee Ryan Richards has survived the first cut of Great Britain’s senior men’s team and is part of the 15 players left remaining: 

The 15 players remaining, including Andrew Lawrence, Kyle Johnson, and GB under-20 teammates Ryan Richards and Devon van Oostrum, will all compete at the London International Basketball Invitational next week. (via

This is just another positive step forward for Richards’ basketball development and no doubtedly is putting a smile on Spurs fans and Spurs management.

Richards played exceptionally well at Great Britain’s U20 squad and while some thought his invitation to the men’s senior team would be short-lived, he is proving naysayers wrong. He played quite well in Great Britain’s recent win over Nigeria in exhibition play.

The London International Basketball Invitational is for next week as Richards and Great Britain will face France, Croatia, Serbia, China and Australia.

Good luck Richards!