Grantland thinks Spurs should use amnesty clause on Jefferson


One of the more interesting developments during the CBA negotiations is that there will be an amnesty clause. You remember that don’t you? The “Allan Houston” rule which allows a team to pay off and rid themselves of one of their worse contracts but unlike the original amnesty clause, that player’s contract won’t count against the salary cap.

When it was revealed an amnesty clause will be included in the new CBA, whenever that happens, our own Trevor Zickgraf was quick to point out San Antonio Spurs’ Richard Jefferson should be target number one for the Spurs to use under this new amnesty clause.

It seems Trevor isn’t the only one to single out Jefferson.

Grantland writers Bill Simmons, and Jonathan Abrams both agree RJ could be packing his bags out of San Antonio but as Simmons points out, the Spurs won’t be out of the woods financially.

Simmons says Tony Parker’s deal could be hindering the team financially should Jefferson’s contract be paid off.

Abrams: So long, Richard Jefferson. He’s set to make $9.3 million, $10.1 million, and $11 million over the next three years.

Simmons: And even after they dump him, they’re still at $66.2 million for 14 guys next year. If there’s a hard cap, or even a semi-flaccid cap, they’re still screwed unless they can turn Tony Parker ($50 million through 2015) into a significantly cheaper point guard (like Ricky Rubio or Kyle Lowry). I think it’s fascinating that (a) Spurs owner Peter Holt has the most juice of any owner in this lockout, (b) the owners are pushing for a hard cap, and (c) no 2011-12 team would be more screwed over by a hard cap than the Spurs.

OK so we all know Jefferson might be on the chopping block with this new amnesty clause. His lackluster two seasons in San Antonio more than qualifies Jefferson but, as Simmons suggests, do you think Parker should be traded? What do you have to say Spurs fans?