'Goin' Grizz' vs. 'Black and Silver'


The Memphis Grizzlies made the playoffs, are up 1-0 in their playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs and with the win, the Grizzlies won their first ever playoff game in franchise history. Indeed, Grizzlies fever is sweeping the streets of Memphis.

So how ecstatic are Grizzlies fans about their team’s success? Check out a new rap song called “Goin’ Grizz” — which mentions the Spurs — by Tavian “Urban” Jones who hopes it will be the official Grizzlies’ playoff song:


However, Spurs fans have their Spurs anthem rap song called “Black and Silver” by Da Army of 15/Five Entertainment that caught on fast since the season began:

OK Spurs fans what do you think about “Goin’ Grizz” vs. “Black and Silver, ” and for those Grizzlies fans who just might be stopping by, what do you think of the Spurs anthem?

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