Ginobili’s Video Diary Is The Most Manu Ginobili Thing Ever


Here’s the thing, Manu Ginobili is all of us, even if you’ve never realized it.

The San Antonio Spurs superstar and all-around great guy has taken up a new hobby as he gets ready for what feels like his 93rd season – vlogging.

What is vlogging, you ask? A vlog is a video that serves as a blog, hence the name. Think of it like a video journal of sorts, and then think of Ginobli doing this and get ridiculously excited.

If you didn’t know, I’m new here to Project Spurs. Howdy there, the name’s RJ Ochoa if you made it this far without realizing. I’m a San Antonio resident and can tell you that this city loves Ginobili in the same way that I love Whataburger. It felt right to get my time here started with something about him.

But if there’s anything that feels right here, it’s Manu’s vlog. When you watch any episode (some are in Spanish, FYI), it feels like you’re being let in on this super special secret. It feels like you’re joining a fraternity of Manu-ness.

Ginobili has always been a pretty reflective person, and that comes across in his videos. In one of the first ones he discussed how he wanted to do this, not because this season is the end, but simply because he wishes to chronicle things and that he wished he had before.

We are literally being let in on the life of one of the more fascinating San Antonio Spurs of all time. This is better than anything Netflix (Stranger Things season two dropping soon by the way) can conjure up.

The 2017-2018 ride is going to be one to remember for the Spurs. We don’t know how it’ll end, but we know we’ll have one good time. With Ginobili documenting the whole thing from his perspective, we’ll have an incredible keepsake for all of time as well.


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