Spurs’ Ginobili says players, owners far apart


When you’re a guy who is nursing a broken arm and are a hero in your home country of Argentina, there’s not much to do these days but do interviews as your country is about to host the 2011 FIBA World Championships.

Such is the case with San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, who did a radio interview recently in Argentina.

In the interview, Ginobili discussed why lockout talks are very far apart and why the fans will be the ones who ultimately suffer, he talks about why he feels he and his Argentinian teammates will be insured before the pre-Olympic tournament, using the early loss to the Grizzlies as a way to heal and spend more time with his family, and what it will be like to play with former Spur Fabricio Oberto once again.

Ginobili on lockout talks being far apart and why he feels season will be shortened:

Things are very delicate. We are far from a settlement with the owners of the NBA. It is very clear that we want to play, we want to keep doing what we have been doing for so many years but they have different conditions.They want to change the rules of the salary cap year contract and stuff, but what they order entry were far from what we can come to terms. For now there is no approach at all. Now it seems that in the coming weeks may have another meeting and may even come a little party, but I doubt that will be an immediate fix. The gap is very large and unfortunately there is much to negotiate. We want to be fixed as soon as the season starts and when you should start because it then becomes increasingly difficult to keep fit and train, plus the fans are hurting because they dislike the situation and we all lose. Hopefully you can fix quickly.

Will further discussion once a week and we’ll see who weighs more than the pressure does not reach and a happy ending. The two sides have much to lose because it is a very serious year after a lockout. The fans do not return immediately to the court, players become devoid of state and not at their best, you have to compress the games … is a whole different season. Let’s see, but we estimate that the league will inevitably start later and will be a difficult situation for everyone.

Ginobili is very confidant he and his teammates will be insured:

We are in contact with Herman, also with my agent in the United States is finding out their part there. Germain I have understood that going on these days to Spain to see how does the Spanish Federation to obtain joint insurance. Insurance is going to get, the question is how much and under what conditions, but I’m very optimistic we will solve everything. We are many countries with NBA players and I think if each agree to an insurance company to get serious and support, and start negotiating, I think we can reach a good agreement, a good policy, but I off we’ll be all there.

Ginobili on the Spurs’ early first round loss to Memphis and taking the added time to spend with his family:

Yes, unfortunately because I’m not happy to have had that time off and hoping to get a bit further with the team but did not. That allowed me to come to Bahia early at my house with my family, my friends, my children and we are having a great time in Bahia, as always.

The back and be, play with more children makes everything different. True, you lost, it will be bitter but after a few days already passed. It is in the past, you have to look forward because I do not win anything to be bitter.Now what is coming is great, we’ll have a great time, will also be a grueling tournament, so that’s the next target.

Ginobili on playing Oberto once again:

It is a great joy to have him not only for the quality of type that is, we all know I do not think you’re going to find a single person in the basketball environment that do not want, respect and have loved to play with him, but we will do better. Giving us what we can give, the minute he feels he can contribute, but those minutes will make us better, will give us peace of mind. It’s spectacular news.

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