Ginobili wants Spurs to remain humble


Now that they are leading the first-round series 2-0 and completely smashed the Utah Jazz in Game 2, the San Antonio Spurs are comfortably in control of the series versus the Jazz and are looking to win Game 3 Saturday and put a strangle hold on the series.

But even though the Spurs are cruising right now and are looking like they may be headed to the Western Conference Semi-Finals, Manu Ginobili is saying the team must respect Utah and remain humble.

“They are a team that we respect,” said Ginobili, who scored only four points in Game 2. “They play hard, they’re going to be hurt and they’re going to play at home, so there’s a lot of things that are combined for expecting a real tough couple of games.  

“We have to stay humble. We just did our job, taking care of homecourt advantage. We’ll see how it goes in Salt Lake City.”

Exactly Manu!

Until the Spurs are the first to win four games, the series against the Jazz is not over.

The Spurs will be entering hostile territory and not only face a Jazz team looking to redeem themselves after their embarrassing loss in Game 2, they will be facing a hostile crowd in Utah looking to spur their team on to victory.

However, this Spurs team is not one to boast, brag or create a war-of-words with their opponent let alone the Jazz. The Spurs are professionals and know the task at hand doesn’t mean letting their foot go off the gas pedal.