Ginobili wants another medal and an NBA title


San Antonio Spurs’ guard Manu Ginobili is known for his unwavering determination on the court and is a proven winner. Last season he stepped up his game after the All Star break to help lead the Spurs into the 2010 NBA playoffs.

Now entering his ninth season with the Spurs, a new contract in hand and his word to play for the Argentinian national team in this summer’s Olympic qualifier, all Ginobili has on his mind is another gold medal and an NBA title:

“I want to win another medal with the national team and another title with San Antonio” (source

Many will point to his age or his past ankle injuries and doubt this will happen for him but if anyone can pull this off would be Ginobili. It wouldn’t be the first time he won an NBA title and an Olympic gold medal. In the 2004 summer Olympics he won gold with the Argentinian national team and the following summer won an NBA title in 2005 with the Spurs.