Ginobili voted as one of the best floppers


In a player’s survey conducted by Sports Illustrated, 152 NBA players feel San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili is one of the NBA’s best floppers: 

As president of the National Basketball Players Association, Fisher has a certain clout among his peers around the league. But that doesn’t mean they like how he plays. Sports Illustrated ran a player’s poll this week, asking 152 participants, “Who is the best flopper in the game?” Fisher received 6 percent of the votes. The top vote-getter was Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao (22 percent), followed by Ginobili (18 percent) and Houston’s Luis Scola (7 percent) and Kevin Martin (5 percent).

In a twist of irony, the Spurs will be facing the Houston Rockets tonight and their former draftee, Luis Scola who received 7 percent of the votes as one of the best floppers.

However, for Scola, he says it’s not his long hair that accentuates the flop and points to Ginobili’s hair or lack their of:.

Scola said it is not the long hair that accentuates the fall and earns flopper reputation, citing Ginobili.

“Manu has no hair, long or short,” Scola said.

Only Scola can get away with making fun of Ginobili’s bald spot seeing how they are countrymen.

Speaking of tonight’s Spurs-Rockets game, former Spurs’ draftee and newest member of the Rockets, Goran Dragic, says he likes to play against San Antonio:

“I always play good against San Antonio,” Dragic said. “I don’t know why. I like their style, how they play. I feel comfortable against those guys. For us, it’s going to be a huge game.”

In three games against San Antonio, Dragic has averaged eight points and 4.7 assists and I’m sure Spurs fans remember what he did to San Antonio as a member of the Phoenix Suns in last season’s playoffs.

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