Ginobili unveils secret plan to stop Tony Parker


Manu GinobiliThe highlight for Tuesday’s Men’s Basketball action in London for both San Antonio Spurs fans and non Spurs fans is sure to be Argentina and France. Two of the most talented teams in London and four Spurs total between the two teams. Both are in the same group as Team USA which means they’d like to win every game they can to avoid the Americans until the Finals if either were to get there. There’s a subplot to this game and it’s a fun one. Tuesday’s game will be the first time San Antonio Spur teammates Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have ever faced each other.

Parker comes in to the game at an obvious disadvantage. He’s out of shape due to his the inactivity that followed getting glass in his eye during a Drake-Chris Brown fight (the rule, as always, stay as far away from Chris Brown. Not only is he out of shape, Parker is wearing Rec Specs to protect his eyes which may or may not be throwing off his shot. Ginobili told reporters he’s come up with an ingenious way to keeping Parker off his game.

“Go right up to him,” Ginobili said, “and go ‘whooo!’” Ginobili blew air out of his mouth. “That should fog up his goggles.”

Once he sees Parker’s glasses fogging up, Manu should think about writing “Argentina Rules” in said glasses with his finger.  Maybe whip him with a towel at some point. Any and all sophomoric hijinks are welcome.  On a serious note make sure you check out Paul Garcia’s break down of the France-Argentina tilt.  Rumor has it winner gets to be called “second most important Spur behind Tim Duncan.” Just kidding, we all know that’s DeJuan Blair’s twitter account. Tip off is Tuesday at 2 p.m. central time.