Ginobili talks about post-NBA career away from San Antonio


Manu GinobiliFor San Antonio Spurs fans, it may be difficult to think of the time when Manu Ginobili is no longer suiting up in the silver and black and his playing days are over.

But for Ginobili, it appears he has plans in place for when he hangs up his sneakers for good. And while his playing days will be done, Ginobili still plans to stay in basketball albeit not in San Antonio, according to ESPN Deportes.

Argentine basketball player, Manu Ginobili, admitted the possibility of "contribute" to the National League modernizing and improving its infrastructure, among other things.
He said that "today there are great chances" that once he is retired from the San Antonio Spurs, with whom he has a contract, he plans to return to reside in Argentina.
While he said he does not point to the presidency of the Association or the Confederation Cup, he made it clear that if still tied to Argentine basketball, the closest frame is the leadership.
During the lockout last year and after the Olympics this season, Ginobili worked out with former Argentine teammate Pepe Sanchez and his team, Weber Bahia Estudiantes. Ginobili mentioned Sanchez when talking about   wanting to work with the LNB, which includes 16 teams.
Ginobili said he felt like he'd be in a good position to help with the league and would make it his goal to improve the infrastructure and professionalism of the league to produce a "superior product."
Ginobili would be the second Spurs player to take a leadership position back in his home country. Tony Parker owns a 20 percent share and serves as Vice President of Basketball Operations for ASVEL and is expected to take over as president after his playing career ends.