Ginobili: Spurs are drawing attention


Before the loss to the Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili was pretty confident in his team. In fact, he said no one is playing like the Spurs right now overall. The team has the best record in the league and are two games up on both the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Spurs are doing well right now with an old core and young players around them, but don't think Manu Ginobili hasn't noticed and compared his team to the other elites in the league. In an interview with Diario Las Americas, Ginobili commented about how well the Spurs have been doing compared to others.

If you see other teams like Miami, Oklahoma or the Clippers, with all the talent they have, with players who have not missed a game and played 30 or 40 minutes, and we're in first. It draws attention.

The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant is playing 38.6mpg and Lebron James, favorite to win the NBA's Most Valuable Player award, is playing 38.5mpg this season. They are the best players on their team and, as Ginobili mentions, the Spurs aren't even close to hitting that mark with any of their players. The player playing the most minutes on the team is MVP candidate Tony Parker who is averaging 33.1mpg this season and putting Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sportsup impressive numbers in the process.

The team is also playing a similar up tempo style that was made famous a few years ago by the Phoenix Suns but are averaging a fraction of the minutes they were forced to play.

San Antonio's depth has also played a huge part in the minutes process with the team having backups Ginobili, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills, and Stephen Jackson on the team.

Don't think that Manu is getting ahead of himself either since he knows there's more basketball to be played.

We are playing above expectations and for the second year we are the first seed, although there's not much attention for us. What remains is to be humble, because today is an ideal situation, but if we have to lose two or three games, Oklahoma City reaches us and turns it around. We have to keep working.

Ginobili knows that the Spurs are only a few games up on the Thunder and Heat. If the team gets too confident and loses focus, that may mean losing homecourt advantage for the playoffs and/or the NBA Finals. The Spurs dropped one game against the Phoenix Suns last night, but it gives San Antonio plenty of time to regroup and avenge that loss.

While some may argue that San Antonio fighting for top seed may have worn them out last season, the depth this team has this season compared to past seasons may give the Spurs some leverage in playing for the top seed and also gaining some rest for their aging stars.