Spurs’ Ginobili to play overseas if lockout lasts past December, and more


Yesterday, Project Spurs’ Michael De Leon brought you an article about San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili expressing that he felt the Spurs’ title window hasn’t closed.

The website Basquetplus.com has more on the interview with Ginobili. In the interview, Ginobili speaks on how he feels Houston Rockets forward Luis Scola is more important today to the Argentinian National team, he speaks on former Spur Fabricio Oberto’s health, talks about the lockout that is set to strike at midnight, and even reveals how his children have changed his view on life.

The translation is rough as I used a translator tool to interpret the text.

Perhaps the most interesting thing Ginobili had to say is that he will play in Europe should the lockout extend past December:

‘I do not think, unless you cancel the entire season. If suspended in January if I would go. I [cannot] be a whole year without playing.

As the lockout out is set to begin tonight, Ginobili had an idea the lockout was coming and gives his opinion:

The lockout is going to happen, I just hope that is short, otherwise we will lose much everyone. I, I know, I think the season is going to play and start in December,

Ginobili expresses that in the 2011 World Championships, Rockets forward Luis Scola will be a more important piece than he for the Argentine National team:

Very much so. [Luis] is more [important]than me. I have a behind Carlitos (Delfino), which is really beyond a tournament in America. Behind Luis do not have … In the world there, I’d say. Luis guarantee you 20 points and attention of the opposing defense. If not, should play Nocioni four and Carlitos to take more measurements.

Ginobili speaks of the decision Scola will have to gamble on in playing this summer while also risking being hurt as he is a focal player for the Rockets:

[He’s] going to be in the same situation as me in 2008 and the same age. I think [he]will end up playing in Mar del Plata, but later you will be complicated. He is going to have to raise alone …

Ginobili is a three time NBA champion, a Gold and Bronze Olympic Gold Medalist, and he’s won several championships in European leagues, he defines what it really means to be a “winner” even when you lose:

Success is not just winning. If not, never be the same. When will we win again? In 2007 or 2009, I moved and do not go out champions. In a few years we will be re-seventh. But there are ways to lose. If you do it with class, give everything on the court, showing a commitment people notice and appreciate it. It is the great legacy of our generation. 

Ginobili speaks on how his life has changed now that he’s become a dad, he sees the game of basketball very differently today:

I had been matured in my career, learning not to feel the best in the world when he won or upset when I lost the holidays. Change came, but now I did more. Lost to Memphis and was bitter, but the next day the [kids woke me up], smiled and everything was.To them I am the Pope himself, win or lose. And that will change,

Ginobili also said that even though former Spur Fabricio Oberto hasn’t played basketball in a very long time, Ginobili feels Oberto will still be productive for Argentina.

Lastly, Ginobili was asked if being a father has made him more appreciative today:

A little yes. You give more value to things not before.

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