Video: Ginobili shows off passing skills


As we await word on the severity of San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili’s hamstring injury, we can look back to last night’s game and appreciate the contribution he made before leaving.

Manu scored 12 points and dished out five assists in just 12 minutes, including this sweet pass to DeJuan Blair near the end of the first quarter.

Manu threads the needle between two Timberwolves defenders, and what makes it even sweeter is that one of those defenders is Ricky Rubio, who prides himself on making those types of passes on a nightly basis.

Ginobili was the spark the Spurs needed to get going last night. When he came into the game for the first time, the team was down 14-7, but they finished the quarter on a 17-7 run to take the lead and they never gave it back.

Hopefully Manu’s hamstring issue won’t be a long-term setback and he will be back on the floor again soon.