Ginobili: On Spurs defense, playing during the lockout


It’s no secret that a couple of concerns for the San Antonio Spurs is the the need for a center and a return to defense. As proven last season, the Spurs ran all over the NBA during the regular season but in the playoffs, they were exposed. Granted, the team did go into the first round with injuries but the Memphis Grizzlies out-manned in the paint and out rebounded by Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Typical Spurs defense was no longer.

And improved rebounding and going back to the team’s defensive roots is something Manu Ginobili is aware of:

In the Spurs were never pressed and always among the teams with the NBA’s best defense. One thing we lack is finished to accommodate us to take more defensive rebounds.

En los Spurs nunca presionamos y siempre estuvimos entre los equipos con mejor defensa de la NBA. Una de las cosas que nos falta es terminar de acomodarnos para tomar más rebotes defensivos.

Indeed the Spurs saw their once vaunted defense slip last season for a more free-flow offense and the stats show it. The Spurs ranked 23rd in the league in offensive rebounds and and ranked 9th in defensive rebounds.

This is where the need for a rebounding center/big man comes in. Perhaps Kawhi Leonard will be the answer with his motor and insane wingspan.

As for playing during the lockout, Ginobili says he does not want to go a whole year without playing but will consider playing for another team if the lockout wipes out the entire upcoming NBA season.