Ginobili says Spurs peaked too soon, retirement from NBA


After a 61 win season, securing the best record in the Western Conference and having the number one seed in the Western Conference playoffs, many did not think the San Antonio Spurs playoff run would be up-ended by the eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies.

Yet that’s exactly what happened and Spurs fans were left scratching their heads.

However, what does Spurs’ Manu Ginobili have to say on why the Spurs’ season ended so prematurely? In an interview with, Ginobili shares his thoughts on the Spurs, retirement from the NBA and much more.

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Ginobili on whether the Spurs peaked too soon:

My bottom line is that we reach our peak performance in December or January instead of April or May as other years and Memphis was just the opposite. It was a very tough team who played with more intensity and better than us.  A shame that having played a regular season as well, we have dismissed from the competition so quickly.

Ginobili on what went wrong for the Spurs:

Not really nothing terribly missed. As I said before, they played better than us and in a competition as groups like ours can happen. We in the last month won 50% of the matches, while in previous months almost 80%. Memphis had 70% of wins in the last 2 months. The reality is that the playoffs better than us. After their game just had more players playing at a good level to our team.

Ginobili on how he feels about an early exit and the Grizzlies:

It’s rare to go home in first round. I had not ever happened. It was a disappointment after the great year we had. At times we had made great illusions, but we’ve seen the show you realize that it was so unexpected. Memphis was a great team and now it is also demonstrating against Oklahoma City.

Ginobili on retiring from the NBA:

I always said that most likely hang up the sneakers in the NBA. I still have 2 years left on this contract and not the more I play after that. When one reaches a certain point in his career, everything ends up being every year, but I see it difficult. Time will tell.

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