Ginobili: Preseason game vs. Heat not about winning, but getting better


The San Antonio Spurs will be back in action this Saturday in a preseason match against the Miami Heat in Miami. For the Spurs, it will be a good gauge to see where the team stands against the defending champs and for Manu Ginobili, he is looking forward to it. Though isn't putting much stock in the outcome of the game.

"It's always good to play against the best teams in the league," he said. "They came from winning the championship so definitely they're good. It's good to prepare against them."

San Antonio is coming off a preseason win over the Houston Rockets, however, that was this past Sunday. The team will be off for five days until their matchup versus the Heat. So they might be a bit rusty come Saturday, but the rest (and practice) will only do the team wonders. Especially for Ginobili and the rest of the older players.

However, Manu feels a preseason game versus a power team like the Heat is not a huge measuring stick of the team's progress as far as which team wins, but he does feel it's better to play against the best team in the league than the worst.

"It's good to at least to play a few minutes against (Dwayne) Wade, LeBron (James), guys like that, that you really got to guard. And then you got Ray Allen coming off screens. It's a good challenge," he said. "It's not going to be a measuring stick to see who wins because preseason is not about winning. It's about getting better and playing against the best players makes you better."

In the offseason, the Heat added a pair of shooters, Allen and Rashard Lewis, to the mix of Wade, James and Chris Bosh will only make Mike much more of a better team. The two will create space for the Heat's "Big 3" to operate with them being an outside threat.

"The addition of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, adds two wonderful shooters, makes them tougher. We got to see how they adjust, how they're getting shots, or get them shots but for sure they got better."