Ginobili picks Heat to win NBA title, speaks on looming NBA lockout


With the Dallas Mavericks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat battling it out for the NBA title, which team does San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili think will win the NBA title this season? If you guessed the Miami Heat, then you are correct:

“Si hace cinco meses me preguntaban si tenía como candidato a Miami respondía que no. Pero realmente me sorprendió como un equipo con tres estrellas que necesitan tener la pelota, se armó muy bien y es el que mejor está jugando”, expresó.

“Chicago hizo una serie regular excelente, con una gran defensa y con un jugador extraordinario como Derrick Rose, mientras que en el Oeste la cosa es pareja: Dallas, con Nowitzki y Terry es un equipo de temer, al igual que Oklahoma. Pero hoy por hoy, mi candidato es Miami”, indicó. (

Here is the translation given by the translator tool:

“If you asked me five months ago if he was running for Miami said no. But it really struck me as a team with three stars who need the ball, was put together very well and is the best playing,” he said.

“Chicago was a great regular season, with a great defense and an outstanding player like Derrick Rose, while in the West, the thing is couples: Dallas, Nowitzki and Terry is a team to fear, like Oklahoma. But today for today, my candidate is Miami, “he said.

Indeed Miami did play well in Game 2 in their series versus Chicago and stole home court advantage away from Chicago. Now that the series shifts to Miami, it will be interesting if the Heat can maintain their momentum.

Again using the translator tool, here is what Ginobili had to say on the looming NBA lockout and how it impacts foreign NBA players:

“The thing is not easy because if you reach out to produce the` employer `Lock (strike franchises), you will pay more expensive insurance,” he said.

“There is a problem only for Argentina but also have Spain and France, which has 8 players, for example. They all come together to try to reach a settlement,” he said.

“June will be key. In addition, the Union of NBA players would help pay part of the insurance of the 45 players that will integrate the various teams in the qualifying tournaments for London 2012,” he said.

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