Ginobili on free agency, Phoenix Suns, and more during ‘Ask Me Anything’


The San Antonio Spurs and Manu Ginobili made some history this past week when he became the first NBA player to partake in the "Ask Me Anything" event by Reddit.

Fans were able to communicate with Ginobili and ask him practically anything that were on their minds and Manu was not shy about answering. The questions covered various topics from other NBA teams to what his plans after this season will be.

He was asked if he considers himself a Spur for life and answered with a question that might leave his loyal fans a bit uneasy.

After this season I'll have a better idea, but my guess is that yeah, I'll be a Spur for life.

With Manu being a free agent, there may be a chance he may wind up elsewhere to finish his career. That's not uncommon for veterans who have spent the majority of their careers with the team that drafted him. Tim Duncan became the likely exception for the Spurs as he's signed for two more seasons and will help to close out his career in San Antonio, but Manu may be leaving his options open in case there's an offer made he can't refuse.

Manu also commented about San Antonio's rivals for the past decade, the Phoenix Suns, and was asked if he hated them.

Never did. Steve Nash has always been one of my favorite players and now they have Scola. I like the Suns, they just don't like me! 😉

This doesn't come as a surprise as Ginobili doesn't seem like a guy who holds grudges or cheap shots players. He's a professional on every level and now has one of his best friends and teammates on the team. Maybe Manu may be looking to join him on his last run in the desert if San Antonio doesn't re-sign him?

He also was asked what was his favorite story about his head coach Gregg Popovich and he couldn't pick just one.

His end of quarter interviews are pretty funny to me. I don't get to listen to them live, but somebody always sends it to me afterwards.

It seems he will side to the side of Pop we get on national TV. He also mentions that Pop is viewed as "grumpy", but he's far from it and a really funny guy to be around.

You can read the rest of the questions HERE to see whatelse Manu Ginobili had to say and what questions fans asked.