Ginobili may continue to play for Argentina after Olympics


The 2012 Olympic games are right around the corner which mean San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili will be joining Argentina for another march towards the gold medal. But at 34-years old, this will more than likely be Manu’s last run in the Olympics but that doesn’t mean he may be done with international basketball competition.

Though Ginobili says this is more than likely his last run with the Argentinian men’s team, he is still unsure if he is completely done with international competition for Argentina.

I don’t know yet. I’m quite sure it will be my last Olympics because of my age, but I still haven’t decided if I’ll play again with the national team after this summer. I’ll play this competition as if it were the last one, but we never know. If I’m healthy after the Olympics, there’s a possibility for me to keep playing for Argentina. I’ll decide at the end of the summer.

One thing that’s always on Spurs fans minds is the health of Manu when he plays for Argentina. They all remember when he got injured versus Team USA a few Olympic games ago. However, playing for his home country means so much to Ginobili, that it is understandable if he does decide to continue to play for Argentina.

Winning a gold medal for your country is something incredible. When you’re from Argentina, it’s even more important because the country is not used to winning Olympic medals. When you’re from the USA and you win a gold medal in basketball, that’s important too, but I think that the feeling is different when you come from a country where basketball’s history is young.

Speaking of this summer’s London games, Manu feels Argentina has a good shot at a medal but knows Team USA and Spain are heavy favorites.

Our team is talented and we have a group of players who know perfectly how to play together. It will be difficult to reach the gold because teams like the USA and Spain look superior to the others, but I’m sure that we can fight for a medal.

As for the NBA playoffs and the Spurs’ march to title number five, Manu feels this year’s squad has a shot a taking home the title yet again.

Yes we really have had a great season. We’ve been integrating the new players Boris Diaw, Stephen Jackson and Patrick Mills into the team. We need to stay fit and healthy in the playoffs. That’s most important. If the team is healthy and the chemistry is good, we can fight for the ring.