Ginobili looking to train with Duncan, eyeing November decision on overseas play


It is inevitable that the on-going NBA lockout will shelve more games from the upcoming season after CBA talks recently broke down.

But for San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili, the lockout might not stop him from training with his long-time teammate Tim Duncan and others.

In a recent interview with, Ginobili revealed Duncan, Tiago Splitter and others are in San Antonio training during the lockout but he would have to leave his family in Argentina should he join his teammates.

In San Antonio Tim (Duncan), Tiago (Splitter), (and) several of the boys are already training. But I will have to go alone. I will not take the whole family. I will go alone and leave my wife and my children (in Argentina). I have no decision about what I will do.

So Tim got a gym and we will be in teams, with a (trainer) who (will) give us a workout plan, weight training (we) can follow.

And now that the lockout seemingly to be lasting a bit longer than expected, many Spurs fans are wondering if he will make the decision to play in Italy. Manu says he will now wait until November to make a decision but will also be factoring his family in the decision-making process.

I will see every day how the negotiations are going. Originally I was not going to play anywhere except if the NBA season was canceled.

I’ll wait. In mid-November, if the NBA season does not start, see what I do. I have to discuss it with my family.

Manu also went on to state he understand the risks of playing without insurance should the lockout continue but at the same time understands if the lockout does create a shortened season (as in 1999) it might be favorable to the Spurs as per Duncan.

A team that plays together is better. But in 1999 San Antonio had very professional players, who trained and played together.

Tim told me that in 99 started better than ever. Two or three months of training every day in San Antonio, he wasn’t exhausted, because there was no competition and things went smoothly.

Should Manu make it back to San Antonio to train with his teammate, it would be a welcomed relief to Spurs fans and coaching staff. At this point, any time the Spurs players can spend working on their chemistry, and staying in shape is a good thing with the lockout raging on.