Ginobili just waiting for the lockout to end


It was the news no San Antonio Spurs fan let alone any NBA fan wanted to hear. The players rejected the owners latest offer, looking to decertify the union, and take this labor impasse to court.

It all but means the nail in the proverbial coffin for the 2011-2012 NBA season.

But while many fans and players have shown their angst, Manu Ginobili is just simply waiting this out and hoping for word an agreement has been reached.

“One day they say one thing, that they are close and the next day that negotiations are broken. We are just waiting for them to say ‘We’ve found an agreement and we start.'”

At this point that’s all anyone can hope for but Manu has been maximizing his extra time away from the court. He has been training (which should be to the delight of the Spurs coaching staff seeing how they cannot contact him during this lockout) and has been catching up on Argentina’s Liga Nacional.

“I saw the league doing very well,” Ginobili said.

“It’s improving year by year.

“Training with Estudiantes is great for me and I think I help them.

“I’m taking advantage of the chance that I haven’t had for a long time, which is to see the league.”

I’m sure Spurs fans are happy to know he has just been training during this lockout mess but as Manu has stated before, the possibility of playing with another team still weighs on his mind.