Ginobili having a hard time; Tim and Tony getting some recognition


San Antonio Spurs fans hate to see Manu Ginobili sitting out games with yet another injury. Everyone knows how important he is to the team and how much better they are with him in the lineup. But as much as it’s killing the fans to see him in his street clothes at game time it sounds like it’s hitting Ginobili even harder.

“As competitive as he is, it’s just killing him,” said Coach Pop. “He was just beginning to get in shape again — finding a little rhythm. He’s pretty depressed.”

I doubt that there are many things more frustrating than coming back from an injury only to find yourself back off the court only a short time later. It’s been a very tough year for Manu. Hopefully he comes back from his latest injury well rested and ready to help the Spurs compete in the playoffs.

On a brighter note, Tim and Tony are getting some much-deserved recognition. Utah Jazz point guard Earl Watson praised the duo for how effective their pick-and-roll is.

“Tim does a great job of setting the screen, and Tony does a good job of attacking the bigs when he gets separation. You have to fight over that screen, but it’s not easy to do against a guy as big as Tim.” 

Not easy indeed. The Spurs run a great offense and that’s a big reason why. Duncan has always been famous for his strong fundamentals and you can include setting screens in that category. I’d hate to have to be a point guard fighting through a Duncan screen.