Ginobili frustrated with injuries


Manu Ginobili's season hasn't gone as planned and if you ask him what his mindset is, the answer won't surprise you.

In an interview with Argentine site Ole, Manu summed up his feelings on his injury-riddled season.

"Sometimes things that are beyond the unimaginable happen. What do you want me to tell you? I feel frustrated."

That might be a huge understatement.

Ginobili has only played 59 games this season and it might not add to the total heading into the playoffs. He's been out with a hamstring injury and it looks like the progress hasn't been as he envisioned it.

Ginobil has admitted he's taking care of his body better now and it's been noticeable with a slimmer look this season.

I try to be professional and take care of my body as much as I can. It's just a bad streak. I can not help it. It is part of the life of an athlete.

He calls it a "bad streak," but it's something that's become a reoccurring sight for the San Antonio Spurs. Ginobili hasn't had a healthy season for years, even while he's abandoned his daily "reckless" play he used to bring to the court.

One of the telling signs this late in the season for Ginobili is he hasn't been cleared for full court contact according to reports. He is "progressing" in his rehab, but that may not be a good sign for the Spurs entering the playoffs. Besides, even Tony Parker says Manu will be back for one of the final regular season games.

This isn't a serious injury for Ginobili and he'll look to get healthy before he steps on the court on a contract year this late in his career.

Manu mentions his future after this season and it is something that can't settle his mind either.

He knows he'll be a free agent and he said he'll "analyze" the Spurs' offer if they were to want him around a few more years, but he also knows that's not guaranteed.

When asked if his time in San Antonio is up, he answered he still wants to play.

"If I want to continue playing, I can find a job".

This statement may worry Spurs fans as to where Manu's mental state is. At 34 years old, his health will dictate his last payday. If he tries to come back too early, he won't be expecting a team to offer him much of their cap space, including the San Antonio Spurs. This will play a huge part in the Spurs' championship hopes also with a thinner bench than they started out with at the beginning of the season.