Ginobili feeling great


After dealing with a broken hand and an abdominal strain, San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili is back on the court which should help the Spurs in the stretch-run towards the playoffs.

And although he returned to action in a loss to the Denver Nuggets in San Antonio, Spurs fans should be relived to know he is feeling much better.

“I felt great. The first thing was to feel back, feel the game. I was happy to be with the team wearing number 20 and not in the first row of the bench,” said Manu.

“I felt much better in this game than in the other. I was more explosive, I played better on defense and penetrated a few times. I did not push too hard with the situation (coming back from injury),” said Manu.

And it’s a good thing he is feeling much better.

Tonight the Spurs will face the New York Knicks and the trio of Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin.

This New York team, led by Mike D’Antoni, will surely be fast-paced game unless San Antonio controls the tempo.

But even as Manu’s health is improving, he was surprised to see coach Popovich give him the minutes against Denver despite his recent injuries.

“I played more than I expected.”

What say you Spurs fans? Think Manu should have sat out more games to ensure he is 110% recovered or was the timing right for him to come back?