Ginobili excited to be playing this summer


Now that the San Antonio Spurs season is over and a long summer is ahead of the players, some of the players can now AP/Daylife.comenjoy their families, take time for vacation or in the case of Manu Ginobili, get ready to play for the Argentinian national team this summer.

Ginobili will be playing in the Olympic qualifier in Mar del Plata in Argentina and in an interview with, he says is is glad to be back playing for his home country and more. Please excuse the rough translations provided by Google Translate.

Ginobili on the state of the national team:

“I’m very excited about returning to the selection and return to play with my friends. The fact it also in Mar del Plata gives extra taste great. This team relies heavily health of its members. We’re just the team over 10 players we had in Athens unfortunately we are not kids, but all in all I think we have a great team with players of great experience and quality in all positions. If you can Fabri get to play, I think it’s a team with few weaknesses, just up to us to play well.”

Ginobili on the health of former Spurs player Fabricio Oberto and if he will be suiting up for Argentina:

“I speak often with him. [He’s] Training very well and little by little. Still did not give the last word on your situation. I think I need to see how your body reacts to a lot of physical demands, which if I was to prove wrong these days.”

Ginobili on his dealings with the NBA Player’s Union and the subject of insurance:

“It’s a touchy subject, but I think that is fixed with money. Surely there will be companies that want to be sure, but the cost would be low. I am in contact with the Players Association back and see if any are found simple and consistent solution. We’re not just us who have that problem, it happens to all countries with NBA players. I hope that will end solving.”

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Worried about Manu playing over the summer or are you excited to see him in action?

Also, do not forget, Tony Parker will also be playing for the French national team as well this summer.