Ginobili Doesn’t Expect A Contract Extension


Manu Ginobili “Ya ni espero que me extiendan el contrato.”

In a recent interview with, Manu Ginobili was asked about his future with the San Antonio Spurs and his current contract situation. Manu was frank and said he does not expect a contract extension from the Spurs.

As many know, should the Spurs not resign him, he will be part of the huge 2010 free agent crop which includes other such as Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh.

The main sticking point with Manu resigning with the Spurs is his health.  In particular, his ankle. Back in 2008, Manu’s agent mentioned the Spurs want to take a “wait and see” approach to contract negotiations to see how he recovered from ankle surgery.  So far this season, his ankle has held up.

Knowing the Spurs, they will be loyal to him for all he has done for the franchise and resign him. However, they should not give him a long-term contract.

Mike and myself have discussed this topic before on should the Spurs resign Manu Ginobili.  Click HERE to read our thoughts.

But what are your thoughts?  Should the Spurs resign Manu or let him test the free agent waters?