Ginobili could still be ailing from injuries heading into pre-Olympic tourney


In an interview with ESPN Deportes, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili said he is still experiencing discomfort from his elbow injury and in his leg.

Manu GinobiliFor Spurs fans, this is not good news. The chances of injury during international play, especially in Ginobili’s case, are always pretty scary, but knowing he could be of further risk due to playing on what may be a banged-up body elevate things a bit.

Back in June, we reported about Ginobili being asked not to play for one-to-two months.

“I have no injury, only a little discomfort in the soleus of one leg, but not to worry much less. Is the elbow? Well luckily, like the ankles,” Manu completed.

Luckily, Ginobili has been hard at work rehabbing and training with Argentine teammates Pepe Sanchez and Pancho Jasen in Bahia Blanca, Ginobili’s hometown.

“I arrived early and started working alone, strengthening muscles and doing some basketball. To run, I can hardly do without company, so I called the trainer of WBE (Cristian Llambrecht) and joined the work with Pepe and Pancho,” said Ginobili.

While Spurs officials, including Spurs trainer Will Sevening, are not allowed to have contact with players, according to the report, which was roughly translated through Google Translate, Ginobili and Llambrecht may have found a loophole.

That exercise was recommended Llambrecht past the trainer of the San Antonio Spurs. The method of communication was a triangulation with Manu, who received suggestions from both parties, put together and so was the sweet spot of work.

Llambrecht also noted that he was impressed with Ginobili’s work ethic, stating that he is working out as he would during the regular season.

Ginobili and Team Argentina will start training camp tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

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