Ginobili asked to stay off court up to two months


In a recent interview session with the San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio Spurs all-star guard Manu Ginobili revealed that doctors have advised him to stay off the court for up to two months.

Manu GinobiliI’ve been told not to play hoops for a month, month and a half, two months — not to put pressure on the arm.

I notice now that the pain is almost gone. The last time I did the MRI, probably around May 16 (or) May 20, they told me that the bone edema that I had was controlling itself, but I still needed a little time to go.

The little fracture is almost healed, but I needed more time to get completely healed. I am not playing basketball now, but lifting carefully. Running, well, I don’t need my elbow to run. Soon, I will start shooting free throws, with a break for a little bit, and see how it goes.

With the FIBA Americas Tournament starting in just over two months, on August 30, and Ginobili’s prognosis of one-to-two months, he won’t have much time on the court before his home country, Argentina, plays host to the tournament.

But one thing is clear. Ginobili has every intention to play in the Tournament and represent Argentina before what he considers will be his last Olympics.

Very, very important for me. Not only because it gives me the opportunity to play in my last Olympic Games, but also it will be the first time we have played in Argentina in a decade. After all we have accomplished, having the opportunity to play in front of our fans and our people is very important. It is going to be fun. It is just a short time, just nine games.?

I know I only have this one and probably the next one to play with all my great friends on the team, Luis (Scola) and Fabri (Oberto) and (Andres) Nocioni and (Carlos) Delfino and the rest. It is really exciting.

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