Gilmore over Rodman for Hall of Fame


Fellow Bloguin brother Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto sent out his weekly questions this past weekend and there was one question I could not pass on answering.

Jeff asked if former San Antonio Spurs player Dennis Rodman should get into the Hall of Fame.

My answer: 

“When Dennis wasn’t busy being a malcontent and drawing all the wrong kinds of attention to him and his team, he was one of the best power forwards in the game. I didn’t like him much because he decided to trash David Robinson and the Spurs team when he left, but let’s be honest, the man was a beast. His rebounding numbers are off the charts and he led the NBA in rebounding for seven consecutive seasons. However, he was a bit one-dimensional, and someone like Artis Gilmore, who has been passed over again and again, was more of a complete player and put up better overall numbers. So I think Rodman should make it in, but if I had my way, Gilmore would have made it in before him.”

This isn’t the first time I make my case for Gilmore. Last year I also wrote about the travesty of an NBA and ABA great like Gilmore not making it into the hall.

After a career like that, you almost have to question the committee. How can a player that accomplished so much on the collegiate level, in the ABA and the NBA, not get a single vote?

You could say he never won a title, but neither did several other Hall-of-Famers, including recent inductee Karl Malone. Maybe it was his low-key, no hype personality, like current Spur Tim Duncan, but regardless of his personality, his numbers and accolades can speak for him more than he will.

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