Gentry compares Lin to Avery Johnson


New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has busted on to the NBA scene. He’s taken over ESPN, social media and he’s raising ticket prices.

Jeremy LinLin has quickly become the most hyped player in the league and he’s living up to the expectations, helping the Knicks win seven games in a row.

No one really has an answer for where all this is coming from and even more important, no one has an answer for why it took so long for a team to recognize this kid’s talent.

Former Spurs assistant and current Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry was asked on the radio in Arizona how a guy like Lin could just slip through the cracks. Gentry didn’t really have an answer but compared Lin to another former Spur.

“The only thing I can really equate it to is a guy like Avery Johnson,” Gentry said. “Where he was cut I think five or six times by NBA teams.”

If you told Jeremy Lin that he was headed towards a career like Avery Johnson, I think he’d take it in a second. Right now, Lin gets to play with a chip on his shoulder because he was undrafted and cut by 2 different teams. He’s now showing the rest of the NBA what they missed out on.

It’s a pretty unique situation and very fun to watch. Could we have another “Little General” in the making? Only time will tell.