Gee knows the opportunity he has with the Spurs


LAS VEGAS — While I was at the 2010 Summer League, most of the buzz focused on which players were making an impression on the court. From Jeremy Lin who impressed many with his performance against Washington Wizard’s John Wall to John Wall himself who showed why he was drafted number one in the 2010 NBA Draft.

However, another player who was also mentioned among the buzz was Alonzo Gee of the San Antonio Spurs.

Gee impressed many in the stands including fellow media members sitting in press row. One stated he could be starting for the Spurs in a few years. He displayed a great all around game. Offensively he was getting to the rim and hitting his outside shot as in the game against the Atlanta Hawks where he scored 24 points. On the defensive end he showed a knack for steals including four against the Hawks and three in the last game of the Summer League against the Memphis Grizzlies.

He even impressed Spurs forward, DeJuan Blair, “He has been playing excellent. I think that’s our team MVP right now. I can say a lot about him.”

Still, he knows he has further development to become an impact player for the Spurs, “The defensive end and keep rebounding and make my open shots. That’s what they (Spurs) want me to do,” said Gee when I asked him about the areas he still needs to develop.

It is refreshing to see a young player embrace the fact development is still needed but it’s not just what Gee has to do on the court. He is fully aware of a great opportunity he has playing for the Spurs and knows not to squander it including taking advantage of the veterans on the Spurs roster, “I talk to everybody. You can get information or whatever you need from all the guys. They are all helpful.”

Last season, when Gee was signed by the Washington Wizards, many Spurs fans felt as if another solid young player just slipped away. Perhaps the Spurs organization felt the same. Just as soon as he was signed by Washington, they released him and the Spurs swooped and signed him to a contract. Gee recognized this, “I was in Washington, then got to be with the Spurs and be with them in the playoffs. It’s just a great opportunity to be with the organization.”

Last season he did not get much time on the court with the Spurs but after his impressive play in the Summer League (averaged 14.2 points, 5.2 rebounds, 2.4 steals and 1.8 assists) it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him get a new opportunity with the Spurs and that’s minutes on the court as a major contributor.