Garnett talks about Spurs’ advantage playing at home


The San Antonio Spurs are 8-2 at home this season. No doubt that the AT&T center is one of the toughest places to visit in the NBA.

Last week, after a 103-88 victory over the Boston Celtics, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett talked about how tough it is to play when you come to San Antonio.

"You know what you get when you come in here,” Garnett said. “These guys (Spurs) are a well-oiled machine. This place is one hard place to play in. You are not going to get many calls in here to begin with. It's your team versus whoever else is in here."

Garnett mixed in a little bit of bitterness with his compliment, clearly hinting at the fact that the Celtics were playing against the Spurs and the refs. KG is not one to keep his complaints to himself, so whether or not he’s right about a few questionable calls, he’s going to voice his opinion on what he saw out there. 

In Garnett’s defense, the fouls went 20-12 in favor of the Spurs, but that doesn’t always mean the “home cooking” like KG is implying.

What do you guys think? When teams come to play in the AT&T Center, are they going against the Silver and Black and the guys in black and white, or is Garnett just complaining for the sake of having something to say?