Games of the Week (4/13-4/19)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Monday, April 7 (9:30)
Team: Golden State Warriors (A)
Why you should care: Will Tim Duncan play this time? Pop held Duncan out of the lineup against the Kings on Sunday, which should have been the easier of the two games. The Spurs won on a Michael Finley three that shouldn’t have counted. Hey, at least it’s a win. I don’t think you need me to tell you how important a win would be in these last two games. The Spurs won the last meeting 107-106 behind 30 points and 10 assists from Tony Parker. All these leads us to the big game of the week…

Date: Wednesday, April 8 (7:00)
Team: New Orleans Hornets (H)
Why you should care: Nobody knows how the West standings will finish. Currently the Nuggets are second (53-27) with two games left (Sacramento, @Portland). Meanwhile the Spurs, Trail Blazers and Rockets are all tied for third at 52-28. The Rockets host New Orleans and finish on the road at Dallas. The Trail Blazers host Oklahoma City and Denver. Meanwhile New Orleans is fighting Dallas for the sixth seed. Whew. Hopefully you follow all that.

With every team that’s fighting for seeding playing each other, the outcome is a complete toss up. Taking a quick look at the Rockets last two games, both New Orleans and Dallas need to win to get the sixth seed making them dangerous opponents. Lets say they go 1-1. The Trail Blazers have the Thunder and Nuggets, so lets say they go 1-1. That leaves the Spurs. A Spurs win against the Warriors on Monday puts them in position to either tie for third or potentially win it out right, which makes the game with New Orleans so important. Kudos to whoever made the schedule, giving us Spurs v. Hornets, Nuggets v. Trail Blazers and Rockets v. Mavericks on the final night. I envy those with NBA League Pass.