Games of the Week (3/2-3/8)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Monday, March 2 (9:30)
Team: Los Angeles Clippers (A)
Why you should care: After two blowout losses, I expect the Spurs to win easily even without Manu Ginobili. They should be expecting the same thing. The Clippers had that surprise 93-91 victory against the Boston Celtics last week, but they are a bad team. They have some nice, young pieces, but Baron Davis regrets his decision to sign there daily and you can tell they don’t think they can win. Hopefully this is another chance for Malik Hairston, George Hill and King Whale Killer to see more action.

Date: Wednesday, March 4 (8:00)
Team: Dallas Mavericks (A)
Why you should care: You think the Mavs want revenge after Tony Parker torched them and they lost to a Spurs team missing Ginobili and Tim Duncan? Ya, me too. Jason Terry is also back giving them a huge boost. I, and most Spurs fans, don’t like Terry. He is a punk, and I always remember him punching Michael Finley in the groin, but he can score in a hurry. You have to believe that the Spurs will treat this like a playoff game, but then again I’ve almost given up on predicting how this team will play. As soon as I make a prediction one of the Big Three sits because of an injury.

Date: Friday, March 6 (7:30)
Team: Washington Wizards (H)
Why you should care: Nothing helps a team like an opponent with the second-worst record in the NBA. When these two teams met at the end of the Rodeo Road Trip, the Spurs destroyed the Wiz 98-67. I would say that the Wiz would want some revenge, but they’ve had so many losses that they all probably blend together. Like with the Clippers game, I’m most interested in if the rookies get a chance to play. Also, will Roger Mason taunt his former team again for not signing him? 

Date: Sunday, March 8 (2:30)
Team: Phoenix Suns (H)
Why you should care: Which Suns team will show up, the one that lost to the Celts by 20 and Lakers by 26 or the one that beat the Lakers by six? Shaq scored 45 and 33 in consecutive games and has shown the ability to carrying the team. I don’t think he can maintain that pace but he definitely still has it. Even though the Suns currently sit at 9th in the West, I take more pleasure in watching them lose than any other team. I’m hoping that this is a good one, even though Ginobili will still be gone. Remember that the Spurs lost by five to the Suns in Game 1, and that was when the defense was abysmal.