Games of the Week (1/5-1/11)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Monday, January 5 (6:30)
Team: Miami Heat (A)
Why you should care: The last time the Spurs played the Heat, Tony Parker went down with an ankle injury and the Spurs lost 99-83. It was a disgusting game to watch. I would like to wash that taste out with a good win. The Heat aren’t an elite team out East like Orlando, Cleveland or Boston, but they have an 18-14 record and a MVP-caliber player. The Spurs are letting teams stay way to close, so I expect another exciting game, especially with Dwyane Wade involved.

Date: Thursday, January 8 (7:30)
Team: Los Angeles Clippers (H)
Why you should care: It feels like the Spurs have played a ton of games recently even if they haven’t played more than most other teams. Maybe it’s because the Spurs players are so much older that it just seems worse. Regardless, it will be nice for them to have a three day break. Hopefully that translates to fresh players and a big win over the 8-25 Clips. The Spurs have made games that should have been easy wins into unnecessarily exciting games. Will this be another?

Date: Sunday, January 11 (7:30)
Team: Orlando Magic (H)
Why you should care: The Magic are an elite team at 26-8. They have the fourth highest point differential in the league. They have the NBA’s best center. Right now they are better than the Spurs. Right now the Spurs are missing wins against the league’s best, and this could be an opportunity to get one with only three games this week. Last time they played Jameer Nelson torched the Spurs, leading the Magic to a dominating win. I would really, really like the Spurs to notch a big win sometime soon to quiet the naysayers (I’m looking at you John Hollinger) who are fairly skeptical about the Spurs. Tune in for a great battle of big men and hopefully a big win.

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