Games of the Week (10/8 – 10/14)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Tuesday, December 9
Team: Dallas Mavericks (A)
Why you should care: It’s the Mavericks. That should be reason enough. This is the same team whose owner dissed the Riverwalk, and we don’t settle for that, now do we? But if you need more reason than facing a heated divisional/in-state rival, consider that the Spurs and Mavs are both 11-8, and the Mavs are 9-1 in their last 10 games. This team is clicking right now. They don’t get much more exciting than when these two meet.

Date: Wednesday, December 10
Team: Atlanta Hawks (H)
Why you should care: The second game in a back-to-back is always dangerous for these Spurs. You never know how the creaky knees of the senior citizens on the team will hold up. Also, Atlanta Hawks are, well, actually good. Now there is a sentence these fingers have never typed. Even if the Hawks have slowed down after a 6-0 start, Joe Johnson and co. can actually play some quality defense. This is no guaranteed win like years past.

Date: Friday, December 12
Team: Minnesota Timberwolves (A)
Why you should care: Ummm….because you love the Spurs? Or perhaps to see if Tony Parker can top his career high of 55 points he set earlier this year against the Wolves. But honestly, this is a bad Wolves team that has given up 100 or more points in the last seven games. I forgive you if you decide to stop watching at halftime when the game will hopefully be over.

Date: Sunday, December 14
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder (H)
Why you should care: Ok, so the Thunder are even worse than the Wolves. However, they are an even more interesting train wreck. Kevin Durant was playing out of position as a two and has moved back to his more natural spot as a three. With young players like Jeff Green, Durant and Russell Westbrook seeing the majority of playing time, I just find them more intriguing to watch. Anyways, this should be an easy Spurs win. Hopefully that means we get to see George Hill for most of the game matching up with Westbrook.