Gameday Q&A: True Blue Jazz


For tonight’s game against the Jazz, I got a chance to talk to CB Jack of True Blue Jazz. Be sure to check out my answers to his questions.

1. The Jazz are currently 9th in the western conference with a 25-20 record. Considering the injuries, are you happy with where the Jazz are at this point and what is your outlook for the second half of the season.
Happy? We’re not happy. We’re depressed. We feel like we had a date at the beginning of the season with Angelina Jolie, and when the doorbell rang it was Rosanne Barr standing there with a dozen flowers. This has been a really difficult season for Jazz fans. Every time you think the team is coming together, someone goes down with an injury. We have played one game with all 5 starters on the floor. Like I said, depressing. 
2. Jeff Van Gundy said on the broadcast of the Spurs-Lakers game that Paul Milsap should be named a Western Conference reserve. Do you agree with that assessment or do you think he needs to establish himself a bit more before he is named a reserve?
I think Paul Millsap deserves to be considered. He has been incredible. He also needs to be in the conversation for MIP. I know Devin Harris has stepped up, but what Paul has done in Boozer’s absence is nothing short of amazing. Remember, this guy was the 47th pick and is currently making the league minimum. He has proven that his numbers can come against Kevin Garnett and bench guys alike. You’re not a fan of the NBA if you’re not a fan of the Paul Millsap story. 
3. Recently in an interview with french newspaper L’Equipe, Tony Parker said the top five NBA point guards in order are Chris Paul, himself, Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Chauncey Billups. I’m sure you might argue the point for Deron over Chris Paul, but what about Deron over Tony Parker? What’s your argument for why Deron Williams should be considered the better point guard and/or why Deron should be selected as an all-star reserve over Tony?
What a pompous Frenchy. Truth is, I really like Tony Parker. He is an amazing scorer. Notice that I didn’t say Point Guard. While his ability to get to the basket is almost unmatched, he needs to develop more of a PG presence to be placed above Deron Williams. Deron can score and distribute. If Parker can get up to 9-11 APG he’ll certainly be in the discussion. I won’t argue Deron over CP3. That has been put to bed this season. However, I can’t think of another PG outside of Paul that I would want to run the floor with. Watch a few Jazz games and you’ll see how he makes scoring easier for his teammates. All you have to do is make a layup and he’ll get you the ball (or be Matt Harpring and put your layup off the bottom of the rim). Deron deserves to be elected over Tony because he is the only piece on this team that is holding everything together. The wheels are off, but the engine has continued to run despite injuries and set backs. Tony has had a great season, but has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a healthy cast (sans Manu). Deron has performed just as well with Collins and CJ Miles at his side. 
4. What exactly is going on with Carlos Boozer. His recovery seems to be taking longer than expected and I’ve even read about possible Boozer trades in your forum. When do you expect him back and do you think his days are numbered with the Jazz.
Million dollar question. Remember what happened when Boozer left Cleveland? Look for the sequel this summer. The majority of Jazz fans (me included) are upset at the way Carlos has handled this injury. The most difficult part is, that despite our dislike for the guy, we need him back on all cylinders in or to make the playoffs. It kills me to say that. His days are certainly numbered with the Jazz because Paul Millsap is in Jerry Sloan’s handful of favorite players and Carlos is not. If Jerry wants Paul, he’ll get him. Even at the cost of Boozer.
5. What’s your prediction for tonight?
Jazz have owned the Spurs the last few years…sorry just woke up from a dream. The Jazz are battered and bruised. Despite playing at the Energy Solutions Arena, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Spurs walk away from a double digit win. I’ve seen the Spurs beat this Jazz team in the playoffs and I can’t think this will be any different. The Spurs are simply the better team. On a brighter note…Jazz by 5. Go Jazz! 
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