Gameday Q&A: Sophia Brugato of Bust a Bucket


BlazersFor tonight’s game against the Portland Trailblazers, I collaborated with Sophia Brugato of another Bloguin blog, Bust a Bucket. We’ve had Matt from Bust a Bucket on the Spurscast before to preview a game, so it made sense to go back to them for tonight’s Q&A. Here are Sophia’s answers to my questions:

1. With Oden and Przybilla injured for the year, what will Portland have to do to keep Tim Duncan from taking over the game?

Keep the ball out of his hands. LaMarcus, Batum and to some degree Pendergraph will have to work together to cover him. I assume mostly Batum and Aldridge will have much of the “guard Timmy” assignment.

2. Who is the Blazers’ go-to man without Brandon Roy?

Anyone. It literally changes every night. I think tonight , the Blazers will need Bayless to attack inside over and over again and LaMarcus to have a phenominal offensive showing in order to win.

3. The Blazers have beat the Spurs without some of their best players before. What do they have to do to do it again and sweep the season series?

See above 🙂

4. Andre Miller went off for 52 points but then went 3 of 13 against the Jazz. Which Andre will we see tonight?

Who knows, it all is a matter of matchups. Against the Jazz he had some not-so-favorable matchups (guarded by Williams etc.) The point is, Miller can score, just depends on his teammates, Nates lineups and the opposing guards .

5. What are your thoughts on the Blazers now that we are past midseason. Have they lived up to your expectations?

I have no expectations . That pretty much sums up my feelings as a fan this season.

6. Prediction time. Who wins, by what score and why?

Blazers by 6 because they are tired and will speed up the pace, allowing the Spurs runs that will keep score close but eventually come away with the win.

Make sure to visit Bust a Bucket for my answers to Sophia’s questions and for some great Blazers coverage.