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I hate to say I told you so but………..
Mike DeLeon and Mike Paceleo — co-hosts of the Spurscast — scoffed and had a chuckle at my expense when I told them the Spurs would lose to the Mavs in this series. This was one prediction I did not want to come true. Unfortunately, it’s coming true.
What could you not see going into this series? This series had upset written all over it and frankly, the Spurs are too old for the young Mavs.
The Spurs are playing like some teenage girl who got their training bras on for the first time, while the Mavs are hungry and ready to kick ass. At every position, the mavs had the edge, except for power forward. The Mavs are hustling to every lose ball and have bigger balls than the Spurs.
So much for signing Finley and Van Exel. They have not done shit in this series. Look at all the other free agent signings, for example Bell for the Suns, and it’s clear that these other players are producing much more than the two fucking chokers we signed in the off-season.
Everytime NVE is on the floor it looks like Death is chasing him.
The Spurs have a huge task, to win 3 games in a row against the Mavs, and they do not have the heart to pull it off. No heart is why the Spurs cannot repeat as NBA Champs. They are the fucking biggest losers, disappointments, chokers ever coming off Championship seasons.
For as much as I love the Spurs, all I have to say is, I told you so!
–Jeff G.
Co-Host Spurscast

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