Future Spur Baynes ready to go to work


As we await the arrival of Aron Baynes, the imaginations of San Antonio Spurs’ fans must be going wild. Could this be the big man who is going to be the perfect complement to Tim Duncan? Are we looking at a guy who’s going to go out and get a double-double every night?

I’m sure the hopes are high, but after years of less-than-stellar big man performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if expectations are low.

One thing the Spurs won’t have to worry about is Baynes’ desire to put in the effort to always be improving. I haven’t seen one complaint out there about his work ethic and in a recent interview, Baynes said he’s constantly working to develop his game.

“There are always things to work on,” Baynes said. “I can’t be satisfied with where I’m at. I have to stay focused on getting better."

Surely the jump to the NBA is going to be a big adjustment from the European leagues Baynes has been playing in since he left Washington State in 2009. This past summer, playing against the Americans in the Olympics, Baynes committed four fouls in just eight minutes of play. Obviously he won’t be going up against an NBA All-Star team on a nightly basis, but he’ll have to get used to a much faster pace of basketball.

Of course, I don’t doubt the Spurs’ ability to scout international talent, and I’m sure with his size and his desire to constantly improve, Baynes will fit in just fine in the silver and black. I’m excited to see what this big man to do, and once those annoying visa issues are finally sorted out, we’ll get a chance to see.