French national team coach keeping an eye on Parker, weary of fatigue


As the NBA has kicked off the second half of its condensed season, there are yet more games TPawaiting select individuals once the season is over in June.

Those games are the 2012 Olympic games that will be held in London this summer. For team France, plenty of their teams stars are in progress with their NBA teams. France sent some of their majority brass to America recently to get an observation on their NBA players according to

Accompanied by Patrick Beesley, director teams from France, he visited last week to Nicolas Batum (Portland), Boris Diaw (Charlotte), Joakim Noah (Chicago) and Tony Parker (San Antonio), the four pillars of the European Champion in 2011.

One interesting take is that the French observers think San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker and the Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah might still be playing in June, which is the NBA Finals.

He exchanged with them on the main preparation for the Olympics (July 27-August 12), which begins June 10 with a gathering at Insep, which may be absent and Noah and Parker, the most likely be still involved in the playoffs in the NBA.

One issue that the French are keeping an eye on is fatigue, and Parker, who is the team leader, has even more responsibility to bear this summer.

“(Fatigue) is actually a fear,” he admitted.”

Collet also spoke with Parker the many demands placed on it could be, especially if the Spurs point guard was named flag-bearer, a function for which it is openly candidate.

“He had already anticipated, given instructions to those around him to be careful,” he said. “That’s why we’re really happy with the exchange we had with the players because we felt they were aware of the importance of the event, and its requirements.”

Regardless of what team France is anticipating, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is in charge of Parker’s minutes so long as he wears a Spurs uniform. Popovich is aware that down the stretch he will need to find ways to get Parker some rest before the Spurs approach the NBA playoffs in April.