French Basketball to pay Parker’s insurance?


With the 2011 lockout underway, there is a chance that a lot of international NBA players may not be able to participate in international play this summer with the risk of being injured and having no TPinsurance.

Such is the case for San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker (France), Manu Ginobili (Argentina), and Tiago Splitter (Brazil). In particular, Parker recently said he would not play for France this summer if there is no insurance.

Many of the countries are looking for other outlets to find an insurance package for their multi-million dollar NBA players.

Well, it seems Jean-Pierre Siutat, the French Basketball Federation President is looking for a way to get Parker and his fellow French teammates some sort of insurance plan. The news comes from

“We are currently trying to raise the necessary funds to cover the additional costs and are thus trying to find somebody who can help us in France – the government or some alternative sponsor. Considering that we have six players from the NBA, we’re talking about a substantial amount of money.”

This is the first case in which we’ve heard of a country already looking at a method to insure it’s players to make sure they can play this summer. In the future, Argentina and Brazil may also be taking these routes in finding a medical plan for their players on the National team roster.

What do you have to say Spurs fans?


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