Free Beno!


Note: I originally wrote this as a draft around late January to early February and saved it so I could go point by point. Well a combination of me being too busy and lazy led to my keeping this as a draft way too long. Now it’s time to free this post.
Warning! Rant ahead: I believe it’s been three times this season on the Spurscast that I have wondered or have been puzzled by Pop’s choice to keep Van Exel in the rotation ahead of Beno. Sure, Pop’s the winningest coach in the history of the Spurs and obviously knows what he is doing with his team. In my years as a professional journalist/columnist in San Antonio and the two years sinc I’ve started, I never once have questioned any of Pop’s moves or have been much of a critic, especially when this is the coach who has taken the Spurs to three championships. But I think it’s about time to break out my FREE BENO! flag and wave it proudly…at least in the blogosphere. Some people will say Beno choked in the playoffs last year, and struggle he did. But I say, name a rookie drafted at the end of the first round coming into the NBA and learning the leagues hardest position (in my opinion) after playing his entire career overseas and by different rules who wouldn’t have any problem against Steve Nash and Chauncey Billups, easily the top two PG’s in the “L”.
Sure Van Exel is a more experienced vet who has drained his share of game-winning daggers a la Robert Horry, but I think he would be best used in the playoffs, while Beno gets more experience and helps the Spurs down the stretch.
Johnny Ludden form the San Antonio Express-News wrote about Udrih and the progress he’s making in this article today.

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