Kerr talks about Rodman’s drive


After being inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday night, one of Dennis Rodman’s former teammates reflected on Rodman’s drive that fueled him to the success he had on the basketball court.

Former San Antonio Spurs guard Steve Kerr played on severeal of the Chicago Bulls’ glory teams with Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan. Yahoo’s Michael Silver caught up with Kerr on Friday night and here is what Kerr said about Rodman.

“The work is what set Dennis apart,” Kerr said at one point during the after party. “A lot of guys work very hard out there, but he worked harder. He wanted the ball more than anyone, and he literally did whatever it took to get it.”

“You know that classic SI shot where Dennis is completely sprawled out?” Kerr asked. “Well, that was off one of my missed shots, and Dennis was trying to save the possession. Everyone saw that and said, ‘Wow, what an incredible dive!’ I said, ‘Wow, what an awful shot! I really had to miss that one badly for the ball to bounce that far.”

Indeed Rodman was the ultimate role player and competitor. Though his time in San Antonio was short, and let’s face it, full of off-the-court issues, there was no doubting he left it all on the court for the Spurs. Say what you want about Rodman, he is a Hall of Famer and you can’t take that away from him.

If you’d like to see Rodman’s Hall of Fame speech, check out the video Project Spurs posted and another video celebrating his career in a Spurs uniform.

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