Flamboyant former Spur’s clothing, furniture being auctioned


South Coast Auction in Santa Ana, California is auctioning off a collection of furniture, clothing and other items from former San Antonio Spurs player Dennis Rodman.

We all know from his time in San Antonio that Rodman leads an interesting life. His possessions definitely confirm as much.

On August 10, you’ll have the opportunity to buy his green velvet jacket, that coincidentally would go perfectly with a pair of green boots that looked like they were used for painting.

The adventurous one might even pair that to pair of pants that look more like a patchwork quilt and one of Rodman’s famous boas.

Along with an extensive clothing and shoe collection, up for sale are some very interesting items like… a dollhouse. Also in the collection are what look to be locker room benches, some decorative masks, a television that looks like it came from the 70s and you guessed it, Rodman even had his own red carpet.

For the basketball collector, there are several signed Converse basketballs, a figurine and few of the awards he picked up throughout his career.

If anything, this might mean some Dennis Rodman look-alikes might start showing up in Vegas and the King can take a break.

(h/t fellow Bloguin site A Stern Warning)

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