Former Spur Steve Smith wishes to be a pro golfer


Former San Antonio Spurs player Steve Smith did a lot in his NBA career. Played with and against some of the best ever, was a prolific scorer, and even won a title with the Spurs in 2003.

However, did you know he wishes he could be a professional golfer?

In an interview with ESPN, the former Spur opened up about many topics including golfing, playing overseas, and his favorite food and drink. Here is a snippet of what Smith had to say:

On his dreams of playing pro golf:

I’d love to have enough talent to be a professional golfer. It’s virtually impossible for me, since my game isn’t that advanced. But I think with my style of clothing and play, I could have brought a bit of flair to the golf course.

On playing overseas:

I always thought I was going to play overseas when my NBA career was over. I never did, then I started a family, so that changed things.

On who he would like to be:

Muhammad Ali. He accomplished so much in boxing and became a leader in society, especially in the African-American community, by standing up for what was right.

His favorite food and drink:

Barbecue ribs. But they can’t be from a restaurant. They have to be cooked from a family member or someone you know. My favorite drink is the cookies-and-cream milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake. On an adult level, I enjoy a nice Bordeaux wine.