Couple of ex-Spurs line Lakers’ bench


The Los Angeles Lakers have two coaches who have a history with the San Antonio SpursCP. New Lakers coach Mike Brown and his new assistant Chuck Person both spent time in the Spurs organization.

Brown was an assistant under Gregg Popovich and Person was a player under Popovich during his final seasons in the NBA.

Through their Spurs history, they were able to find common communication in what led them to become coaches for the Lakers as they try to lead the team in a new direction. 

Here is what Person told the Los Angeles Times recently in an e-mail interview.

“It wasn’t a matter of me selling myself because our philosophies are similar both offensively and defensively. I know what Mike Brown’s approach is to game planning and implementing his system because of his days in San Antonio. Then we worked together in Indiana, so I am familiar with his approach and I can continue to carry those things on while working for him.”

This was one of the key reasons why Brown decided to add Person to his coaching staff.

Once the lockout ends, hopefully, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and General manager R.C. Buford will have more former faces gracing coaching staffs and lining front offices. From Sam Presti with the Oklahoma City Thunder, to Avery Johnson with the New Jersey Nets, the Spurs’ influence is felt league wide.

That’s the thing about being affiliated with the Spurs, it usually opens more doors for you.

(Photo: Los Angeles Times)