Former Spur Mason preps for lockout by selling his Bentley


The writing is on the wall. All signs are pointing to an NBA lockout next season which could spell disaster not only for the fans and the NBA, but for the player’s wallets as well.

In anticipation of a lockout, former San Antonio Spurs player and NBA player’s union executive committee member, Roger Mason Jr., is taking steps to prepare for a lockout by selling his Bentley:

“It would be pure ignorance not to keep in mind that there could be a lockout,” Mason, a free agent who played for the New York Knicks last season, said in March.

Mason, an eight-year NBA veteran who earned $1.4 million for the 2010-11 season, sold his Bentley after he joined the Knicks following two years with the San Antonio Spurs. That’s partly because he now lives in New York, and partly in anticipation of a cloudy financial future, he said.

“I owned it outright, had bought it for cash and just didn’t need it in New York, so I put the money in the bank,” said Mason, 30.

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of problem? Earn $1.4 million for playing a game, then sell your Bentley just in case you dry up the millions your earned since playing in the NBA during a lockout.

Regardless, this is just another sign an NBA lockout is more than likely to occur. So get ready Spurs fans. It could be quite a while until you see the Spurs back in action the ways things are going regarding the new CBA.

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