Former Spur Mason optimistic season will start on time


Former San Antonio Spurs player and NBAPA Vice President Roger Mason recently spoke with ESPN researcher and contributor Jared Swerling about all things lock out.

What Mason said wasn’t earth shattering but it did have a sense of hope and optimism that a deal will get done before any games are missed. Mason told Swerling that both teams were motivated to get a deal done, but ultimately were too far apart when the owners decided to lock out the players on July 1.

“It was amicable, but I think both sides realized that right now what the owners are looking for and what the players are willing to do is just too far apart,” Mason said. “While everyone in the room was cordial and hoping that we can work something out, it kind of is what it is from making a deal standpoint, and we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks. We’re going to continue to try to get together and see if we can find a common ground.”

Mason added that both teams know where the other stands, which he said is a good thing and that the two sides will meet “soon” to continue to hammer out a deal. “Money Mase” also said while players and owners aren’t close on a deal, he’s keeping in shape like the season is going to start on time.

“I’ll continue to work out and prepare myself as though we’re going to have a season October 1st (start of pre-season)”, Mason said. “I’m continuing my other career with the music. My music is taking off for me. But I’m proceeding like we’re going to have a season and I guess that’s the optimism in me.”

Yes Spurs fans, it would seem “Rog” has a music career. Other than that jewel of information, Mason continually stated that both sides wanted to get a deal done, which is something we’ve been hearing a lot of, so while it may be a long summer, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the season starts on time or at least close to on time.