Former Spur Mahinmi takes shot at Lakers’ Bryant


Let’s face it, Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant isn’t well liked among San Antonio Spurs fans.

From his smug attitude, ability to hit that key shot over the Spurs during the Spurs-Lakers rivalry, and his “all about me” attitude, off-the-court incidents, Bryant hasn’t endeared himself to many Spurs fans.

Well former Spurs player Ian Mahinmi echoed those sentiments recently when he called Bryant arrogant:

“Kobe is super arrogant but everyone loves him. To me, Kobe is arrogant.”

Perhaps Mahinmi was just stating the obvious but indeed Bryant does have this reputation among fans and perhaps a few NBA players such as Mahinmi.

For as much as Bryant has done during his NBA career, one has to wonder if this reputation will haunt his pro-career when it comes to an end. 

Although Mahinmi may be playing for the Spurs’ interstate rival Dallas Mavericks, I’m sure Spurs fans would agree with Mahinmi on his comments on Bryant.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Do you agree with Mahinmi or feel Bryant’s reputation isn’t deserved?